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Posted on: January 31, 2010

Now to someone who continually craves chips and salsa with a hot fudge sundae, the idea of not eating is a totally foreign concept. However, it is not on the top of my teen’s priority list of things to do in a day. The truth is, she was born with more of her father’s genetics and thus food is simply fuel for her perfectly lithe and muscular body. I spent my morning making her favorite soup, while constantly wondering in the back of my mind if Mom had eaten anything for breakfast, had she taken her medicine and was she hungry now? The tug is always there. Thinking you should be in the one place while you are in the other.
Turns out at 2:00 pm my Mom had NOT had lunch, only a banana for breakfast, but she did remember her pills today! Praise the Lord for small victories.
We are falling into dangerous territory where she has lost the ability to make herself meals. When did this happen? I blame myself mostly (as we sandwich’s tend to do). But I shall NOT be sucked into the guilt vortex! I shall take each day and meal at a time!  And when other’s forget to eat, I will do my part by bingeing on brownies and potato chips. Ahh, I could just cry.


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I hope to encourage others while sharing my funny stories with the world. If you find lost teeth, dogs who track mud on the freshly mopped floor and teens who get into fender benders at 8:00 in the morning funny, this is the blog for you. A member of the sandwich generation using humor to stay sane!

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