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Posted on: February 1, 2010

Is it just me, or does anyone else find the “medical history” forms at doctor visits a little redundant and irritating?  We are at the urologists office because my Mom has a little “trouble” from time to time and we are slowly eating into the grandchildren’s inheritance with all of the Depends she has to purchase.  Question #48.  Why are you here today?  – Because I pee all over myself whenever I come to a standing position.   Question #146.  Do you have trouble with your bladder?  – No, it’s all been solved now by spending 20 minutes in your waiting room filling out forms.

Oh how I wish I would write some of these things I think of  just to see if anyone actually reads them!  But I’m afraid I would be labeled a trouble maker and the AMA would put my name on the Crazy Daughter of Elderly Patients List. So I will continue to fill out the same 20 page form EVERY SINGLE TIME we visit.  Because that’s just the fun of it all!!


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