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Retail Therapy

Posted on: February 6, 2010

Many people espousing the value of buying only what you need have never truly experienced the euphoria that comes from the perfectly timed purchased. This is the purchase which gives you hope when all the world around you is falling apart. When your Mother complains that you aren’t coming to see her, even though you spent all day with her yesterday, when you have to return yet another pair of pants to the store because your daughter “just doesn’t like them”, when you forgot to pay the credit card bill and you see that irritating late fee on the statement. Nothing makes sense beyond the fact that those super soft bamboo pajamas from Soma are going to change everything! And at 25% off TODAY ONLY, you must have them to interject some semblance of normalcy back into the universe. Hey, I say if bamboo clothes make us feel better, then it is a valid method of stress relief to purchase them whenever possible!  Retail therapy gets a bum rap.  It rocks!!


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Let’s here it for stress relief! So glad you “found” me and I hope to stop by here often. Hang in there…how many teens do you have at home???

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