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Time Mangement

Posted on: February 8, 2010

As I get up this cold monday morning, I am trying to figure out how to manage my week and I think I may just go back to bed. Today I have to take my daughter’s car into the collision center because someone slid into her during our last ice storm, go to the grocery because we are out of essentials like cereal (which my family is forced to eat on the many nights I can’t manage to cook), see my chiropractor for my bi-weekly adjustment, check on mom because she hasn’t been feeling good, see if I can get her in to see the doctor because he reassures her she is alright, get our taxes together so I can start the FAFSA process ( a whole other blog on that one), read over my daughter’s essays for scholarships and edit them, and FINALLY, show up for my husband’s business dinner looking rested and fabulous!!
And that’s just today… don’t get me started on tuesday’s appointments, the bible study notes I need to go over for my class, getting my daughter prepared for her college scholarship visit on friday and helping mom pack for her trip to florida to visit a friend. (she’s already trying to back out on this one but I am pushing her to go because I was counting on the break!)

So here is the question of the day… If I got hit by a bus this morning, would everyone be okay?!  Would it all get done?  Would people rise to the occasion and take care of themselves?  Of course they would!!  I REALLY need to get a grip on my self importance and realize that God is in control and I am not!   I just feel better getting these things out of my brain and into cyperspace to share.  Even though no one is probably reading, I’ll keep on typing to keep myself sane.   Here’s to a great day!


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It looks like you’re new to this. You commented on my blog. It still feels new, and kind of is. It’s been up since September. I actually have a second one on publishing called pubjournal (also at blogspot). I’m still so surprised when I get comments. It’s a funny thing sending your thoughts and story into the ethers. But I totally get you on writing to stay sane in the sandwich (and life), and I love your style.

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