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Can I split myself in two?

Posted on: February 12, 2010

Remember the Gumby character on SNL? He was stretchy and could be pulled in all directions. I am literally standing in my dining room, totally incapacitated by the pull of two opposing forces. In one direction is my Mom who needs help getting dressed so she can go out to dinner tonight. It takes awhile to get those 80 year old “girls” in the holster if you get my meaning. In the other direction is my daughter who needs to pack for an overnight at one of her perspective colleges. Stuffing her nice clothes into her school backpack is totally sufficient in her mind, while my OCD, everything in it’s place motherness is freaking out! You cannot use a ziploc for your toothbrush, it must have a holder!!

Either way I have to bounce back and forth between the two, all the while feeling I should be in the other place!  Oh, I know…. I need some type of Matrix thing where I can be in two places at once!  That would be the best selling thing on the sandwich market!


1 Response to "Can I split myself in two?"

Yeah, it takes a while to get those “Puppies” in there because of the type bra she wears. It’s more like a upper body shield. Never in my life have I seen anything like it and Ima telling my girls never to let me wear anything like that when I’m 80!

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