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Posted on: February 19, 2010

“Okay, sit down and write something witty for this blog you started, ” I think to myself as my  house cleaning list goes through my head. I don’t like to clean. Never have. My sister on the other hand is the female version of Mr. Clean with the lemony scent. She can clean the chrome off a bumper as they say, and hum happily doing it. Since this is so, why am I the one going over to Mom’s house today to dust and clean the floors? Because I don’t work, I guess.  Really, seriously? I could run a fortune 500 company and not work as hard as I do taking care of my family AND my Mom. At least CEO’s can delegate.
Okay, so enough ranting. I actually feel better now. As I sit waiting for my febreeze swiffered tile floor to dry, I bolster myself up to go over to Mom’s with a big smile on my face and Pledge furniture polish in my hand! Bring it on dust… you got nothing on me.  I am sandwich woman, hear me roar!!


1 Response to "Something Funny"

Enjoyed your article and LOVED your last line, that is one of my favorite sayings too – only I say, “I am woman, hear me roar, Meow” 🙂 Have a blessed day 🙂

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I hope to encourage others while sharing my funny stories with the world. If you find lost teeth, dogs who track mud on the freshly mopped floor and teens who get into fender benders at 8:00 in the morning funny, this is the blog for you. A member of the sandwich generation using humor to stay sane!

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