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Sam’s Club Adventures

Posted on: March 3, 2010

It took 10 minutes to get past the first aisle of Sam’s today with Mom. She decided to stop and look at the chaise lounges and outdoor furniture for a REALLY long time. As I sat back and watched the whole scene I kept wondering why she was looking at a chaise lounge? She finally turned and said to me, “what are those?” It never occurred to me she had spent the last few minutes searching the recesses of her 80 year old mind. The rest of the shopping adventure is uneventful until back by the bread aisle, she decides she has to go to the bathroom NOW.  Of course, the restrooms are at the very front of the store and we are at the very back.  She leaves me the two carts and takes off with her cane and her cute lopsided walk as fast as she can.  (Let’s hope those Depends are working!)

I spent the next 10 minutes meandering around Sam’s with 2 carts, trying not to run into people or displays.  I was not successful. We finally met up at the front near checkout where she proceeded straight to the outdoor furniture and sat down while I unloaded the carts.  On the way home we decided it had to be way later than 3:00.  We were both ready for bed and I told her we would just leave everything in the car and figure out how to get it inside later.

God decided to bless me today by having my son come out back and actually unload the car without being asked!  I thought I would have a heart attack right then and there!  What happened to my son…. who was this helpful cheery person? Ahh, I was being paid back for not losing my patience at Sam’s when Mom spent 10 minutes looking through the apple bags.  Thanks God!


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