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Seriously, as I watched TV last night it occurred to me that if you were a foreigner watching American TV, you would believe that every woman in America suffers from osteoporosis and bladder control problems. To top it all off, we also suffer from depression.
Well, OF COURSE we are depressed. Our bones are breaking as we rush to get to the toilet on time!! Who wouldn’t be depressed?
As I watch my daughter on the one hand, who is strong, muscular and can run a marathon, and my Mom on the other, who can barely lift her legs and gets exhausted going from one room to the other, I can’t help but wonder where this sandwich generation forty something woman falls?
According to my WII Fit, I am overweight. Tell me something I don’t know. Obviously  I am the cheese and mayo part of the sandwich and not the lean turkey. Ouch.
So as of today I have vowed to start exercising more, sitting less, and swearing off the french fries. Okay… maybe one order of fries a week. After all, I don’t want to get depressed!


Have you ever noticed how a mom can have kids vomit all over them or even cough right into their face and STILL not get sick? I call this wonderful phenomenon, “MOMMY IMMUNITY”. It’s great how God makes us so perfectly suited to this great germ infested position called motherhood. Think about it… some men need a Hazmat suit when going in for the diarrhea diaper. Not we Moms, we dive right in and take care of business. I love that about us. Let’s hear it for Mommy Immunity!  May you all stay well.

Some jelly on your PB sandwich?

I hope to encourage others while sharing my funny stories with the world. If you find lost teeth, dogs who track mud on the freshly mopped floor and teens who get into fender benders at 8:00 in the morning funny, this is the blog for you. A member of the sandwich generation using humor to stay sane!

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